About GRP Panel Tanks

A GRP panel, or Glass Reinforced Plastic panel, is a type of composite material made from a combination of glass fibers and a polymer resin, usually polyester or epoxy. This combination results in a strong and lightweight material that is commonly used in various industries for a wide range of applications. GRP panels, composed of a polymer resin matrix reinforced with glass fibers, boast a high strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional corrosion resistance. Widely used in construction, transportation, and industrial applications, their manufacturing involves layering glass fibers in a mold, applying resin, and curing through heat and pressure, resulting in a durable material requiring minimal maintenance. However, cost considerations and vulnerability to extreme heat or fire are potential limitations. Reem proudly serves as your premier Ariston solar water heater supplier, delivering top-quality products and exceptional service to meet your hot water needs.
GRP Panel Tanks

Why Choose GRP Tanks

Resistance to corrosion

In contrast to steel, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) exhibits complete resistance to corrosion. In instances where metal components are necessary, our GRP tanks incorporate top-tier stainless steel, known for its exceptional resistance to corrosion. This ensures a dependable and secure water supply, eliminating the necessity for continuous maintenance.This feature ensures the longevity of the tank by preventing rust or degradation over time.


Tanks are known for their robust and durable construction, ensuring they withstand harsh environmental conditions and maintain structural integrity over an extended period.The durability of a water tank is often determined by the strength and resilience of the materials used in its construction. Tanks made from high-quality materials such as polyethylene, fiberglass, or steel are known for their robustness.

Lightweight Design

Compared to traditional materials like steel, GRP tanks are considerably lighter. This feature simplifies transportation, installation, and handling, making them a practical choice for various applications.Water tanks with a lightweight design offer practical advantages during transportation, handling, and installation.The reduced weight simplifies logistics, making it easier to transport the tank to the installation site.

Excellent Heat Insulation

Water Tank Facility

Certificate/Test Report

1. Special feature

    Utilizing maximum capacity
  • – In the basement or other confined areas, it is possible to eliminate unusable space,and utilize the maximum space, by installing apartition type tank.
    Various uses
  • – If partition type tanks are installed, one section can be used for drinkin gwater, and the other section for service water(Ex.fire fighting).
    Easy Maintenance
  • – It is convenient for maintenance, because two tanks can be installed as one unit.
    Cost effectiveness
  • – The cost and installation of 1 partition tank is cheaper than 2 separates tanks.

2. Partition Installation

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3. Effect for Partition Water Tank System

– If tanks for two different uses are needed in a confined area or boiler room, a 72㎥ partition type tank can be installed to use half for drinking water, and half for service water. If separate tanks are installed, however, you have to installed two tanks with a maximum of 30㎥, because you need to have 1 meter distance between tanks for maintenance and operating space.

4. Earthquake-Proof Skid Base System

– Height of water tank 2.5m.H, Height of water tank 4m, GRP sectional Panel, Putting water to 85% of water tank height, Earthquake-Proof Strength 5.0Result of testing base frame (Safety 2.0)

HeightContentsBending Stress(kg/c㎡)Drooping((cm)
2.5mHMainLong1170 < 1600(Allowable value) ■ O.K0.15 < 0.25(Allowable value) ■ O.K
BaseShort1340 < 2400(Allowable value) ■ O.K0.17 < 0.33(Allowable value) ■ O.K
SubLong1590 < 1600(Allowable value) ■ O.K0.21 < 0.25(Allowable value) ■ O.K
BaseShort1830 < 2400(Allowable value) ■ O.K0.25 < 0.33(Allowable value) ■ O.K
4mHMainLong790 < 1600(Allowable value) ■ O.K0.06 < 0.25(Allowable value) ■ O.K
BaseShort900 < 2400(Allowable value) ■ O.K0.27 < 0.33(Allowable value) ■ O.K
SubLong1540 < 1600(Allowable value) ■ O.K0.15 < 0.25(Allowable value) ■ O.K
BaseShort1750 < 2400(Allowable value) ■ O.K0.17 < 0.33(Allowable value) ■ O.K
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5.Wave Proof Panel for Earthquake-Proof

6.Installation Standard(Pad and Space)

Result of Skid base strength review(Safety Factor 2.0)

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Standard of Base Concrete PAD Installation and Space – For maintenance of GRP tank, it needs extra space at least 600mm from wall and 1,000mm from ceiling.

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